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The Marinela brand stands for fun!
Bite into any of our snack cakes, pies, and cookies, and you’ll get a taste of how cool it is to go back to your childhood again!

Can we bake loads of fine cakes for everyone to enjoy anytime they want? That´s what Marinela´s founder wondered in 1954.
The company soon began producing convenient bakery-style birthday cakes packed with matches to light the candles. These were followed by slices and individual-sized cakes sold without packaging in paper baking cups.

Our first character and friend, Gansito, came out of the Marinela plant in Mexico in 1957. This snack cake was one of the first three individually wrapped snack cakes produced by Marinela and it soon became the all-time favorite cake.

Since then, we’ve added to the fun other tasty treats like Pingüinos, Choco Roles, and Submarinos.

Today, you can find Marinela in many countries because young people and grownups everywhere are always looking for Marinela’s delicious, fresh-baked snack cakes, pies, and cookies.

Did you know?

Bimbo created a company called “Pabisa” to sell cakes and pastries. In 1954, Pabisa borrowed factory space from Bimbo and started baking simple orange, strawberry, and chocolate cakes. Pabisa first called their brand “Keik” (pronounced “cake”). The name “Keik” was changed to Marinela a litte bit after a year.

Keik’s simple cakes were not the extremely popular snacks people enjoy on a daily basis like they do now because back then, Mexicans only ate cakes during special occasions, and on those occasions, they preferred fancy bakery cakes.

Gansito snack cakes were first delivered with unique “motorvans” called “Ganseras.” The salesmen were also called “Ganseros.”

Gansitos are soooooo popular that Marinela produced them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Gansito was born in 1957. Alfonso Velasco, one of Bimbo’s founders, designed the famous Gansito.


Remember me? For more than 30 years, Gansito looked really different on TV. That’s because real geese starred in the commercials! Marinela Pingüinos made their debut in 1966.

Choco Roles and Polvorones first appeared in stores in 1972. Submarinos were launched in 1973. Pay de Piña and Suavicremas were first produced in 1975.

Houston was the first U.S. city to enjoy Marinela products in 1984.


Marinela in South America! Marinela opened their first plant in Venezuela in 1992.

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